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Events Marketing Management

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This textbook provides students with an essential introduction to the theoretical underpinnings and practicalities of managing the marketing of events. As a strong emerging industry, events are now contributing significantly to economies around the world and particularly within the UK. In order to market events effectively it is vital to consider marketing of events from the organiser's perspective and link it to those of the consumers attending events. As such, this is the first book on the topic which reflects the unique characteristics of marketing in the Events industry by exploring both sides of the marketing coin - the supply and the demand - in the specific context of events.

The book begins by defining events and the implications this has for events marketing. It then moves on to explore the event marketing landscape before discussing the consumer experience of and involvement with event marketing. Finally it focuses on the strategies and tactics employed to manage the marketing activities related to events, proposing a shift away from dominant Marketing Mix paradigm to a more consumer focussed and integrated approach. Offering comprehensive coverage the title introduces the reader to core principles as well as current developments such as e marketing, social media, sponsorship and PR and integrates practical examples from around the world to show the application of theory. Learning objectives, chapter summaries, discussion questions and annotated further reading lists aid navigation throughout the book, spur critical thinking and further students' knowledge.

This accessible and comprehensive account of Events Marketing and Management is essential reading for all students and future managers.

Successful Seo And Search Marketing In A Week

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Learn in a week, what the experts learn in a lifetime.

Sunday: Understand the functions of the major search engines and what SEO and Search Marketing are and what they do.
Monday: Learn about your competition and target audience, and organize your website's structure.
Tuesday: Discover the importance of keywords, and how to generate your keyword list and find the best low-cost research tools.
Wednesday: Learn how to make changes to the pages on your site to increase the chance of ranking.
Thursday: Ensure all of your links are found and indexed by search engines and generate backlinks.
Friday: Monitor and manage your progress through tools such as Analytics, Webmaster and shortened URLs.
Saturday: Increase your online presence with search marketing.

About the Author

Nick Smith is Managing Director of Closeup Media. He is an expert in online marketing, who has helped hundreds of large and small companies achieve their goals.

Strategic Marketing For The C-suite

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Strategic Marketing for the C-Suite examines the relevance of academic research to the most senior levels of the marketing profession, the chief marketing officer (CMO), and the interests of their C- suite colleagues, particularly those of the chief executive officer (CEO) and chief financial officer (CFO). Unless academic research is relevant at the C-suite level, it is unlikely to be paid much attention lower down the organization. Strategic Marketing for the C-Suite has three objectives: (1) to understand what we can learn from recent academic research on strategic marketing, (2) to test the validity of earlier editorial positions, and (3) to make some modest suggestions as to what the field might do better in the future. The author addresses these objectives through a review of the academic research on a set of strategic marketing issues that are of relevance to top executives. Strategic Marketing for the C-Suite is structured in four steps. First, it examines the meaning of the phrase strategic marketing to help define the scope of the literature review and the role of the CMO in the firm, drawing on both the academic and practitioner literature. The second step identifies the key domains and associated issues that are currently relevant to the CMO and C-suite including the value of marketing to the firm, managing the new digital market space, achieving profitable growth through innovation, marketing capabilities as a source of competitive advantage, and addressing society's major concerns. The third step reviews the marketing literature relating to these five domains, and, in doing so, identifies the key research themes within each domain, and draws conclusions on these themes and overall conclusions on the domain itself. The fourth and final step summarizes what we learn from a decade's worth of research on strategic marketing, draws conclusions on the validity of earlier research, and discusses the implications for the field of academic marketing.

Managing Public Finances In A Small Developing Economy

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The sound management of public finances is, in Williams' view, the most important factor in attaining the twin objectives of economic growth and improvement in the standard of living in small open developing economies. While looking at the challenges of public finance management in small states, with a focus on Barbados, this book suggests strategies of fiscal and microeconomic management for small economies that will permit them to ensure macroeconomic stability while promoting economic growth and development. In discussing the philosophy of public finance, it examines small size and openness, using both traditional criteria and modern perspectives of liberalized systems. It deals with the challenge of avoiding overly expansionary budgets and the need for counter cyclical policies in relation to macroeconomic objectives.

This book also discusses state involvement in commercial types of enterprise and the implications for efficiency and economic growth. The Keynesian approach to fiscal spending is compared with the structuralist approach, which takes into account initial conditions and inflexibilities facing small developing economies. The government's role in financing accelerated economic development, its social responsibility, and the balancing need for fiscal discipline are also considered. The public finance performance of governments is seen as facing important challenges to its capacity to champion economic development given the increasing global perception of a mostly regulatory and stabilizing role of government.

The Credit Market Handbook

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The subprime mortgage loan crisis in the US has developed into a broad credit and credit derivatives crisis lately. In previous years the credit derivatives market experienced growth rates of over 100% per year, outpacing all other derivative segments. This highlights the tremendous demand for credit derivatives, which is likely to remain high despite the current turmoil, but also shows how vulnerable markets have become with respect to this asset class. Consequently, a comprehensive understanding of the risks and mechanisms of the market is essential. Market participants who neglect this necessity face large downside risks, while those who have adequate and efficient risk management processes in place will be rewarded with an attractive risk return profile.<br> This book aims at providing a reference guide to the credit and credit derivatives universe. It covers topics ranging from basic valuation principles for plain-vanilla products to insights into the latest development in sophisticated structured credit products. The authors explain in detail, but always with a hands-on practical perspective, all relevant instruments and quantitative valuation techniques. They show how these instruments can be integrated in a portfolio context and how efficient portfolio management is implemented. Moreover, the authors show how to develop and implement trading and investment strategies in the credit market.<br> <br>


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