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The Politics Of Financial Risk, Audit And Regulation

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The biggest corporate failure ever in British history occurred in 2008 with very little forewarning. The management of HBOS, a major national bank with a long history of prudence prior to the merger in 2001, were allowed to act incompetently. Auditors and regulators failed to act, ignoring a key senior whistleblower, and the 'competitive' stock market failed to spot management failure in time. The book is the first academic study of this collapse, uncovering some surprising evidence on the power and politics of large financial institutions. It details the processes and degrees to which financial challenge and regulation are undermined by this power. The research exposes a pro-active process of regulatory risk management by these institutions; the ease with which auditors and regulators can be captured; and how politicians and investors can be all too happy to hop on the stock market and management spin ride - with other people's money. The study questions the ideology and politics which supported and encouraged the management hubris, raising profound questions about the 'politics' of the academic disciplines of banking, finance and accounting today, and the theories they underpin. This account of management gone wrong is essential reading for students, researchers and professionals involved in banking, finance, credit infrastructure, economics, and management studies.

Energy Trading And Risk Management

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A comprehensive overview of trading and risk management in the energy markets 

Energy Trading and Risk Management
provides a comprehensive overview of global energy markets from one of the foremost authorities on energy derivatives and quantitative finance. With an approachable writing style, Iris Mack breaks down the three primary applications for energy derivatives markets ? Risk Management, Speculation, and Investment Portfolio Diversification ? in a way that hedge fund traders, consultants, and energy market participants can apply in their day to day trading activities. 

  • Moving from the fundamentals of energy markets through simple and complex derivatives trading, hedging strategies, and industry-specific case studies, Dr. Mack walks readers through energy trading and risk management concepts at an instructive pace, supporting her explanations with real-world examples, illustrations, charts, and precise definitions of important and often-misunderstood terms.
  • From stochastic pricing models for exotic derivatives, to modern portfolio theory (MPT), energy portfolio management (EPM), to case studies dealing specifically with risk management challenges unique to wind and hydro-electric power, the bookguides readers through the complex world of energy trading and risk management to help investors, executives, and energy professionals ensure profitability and optimal risk mitigation in every market climate.
Energy Trading and Risk Management is a great resource to help grapple with the very interesting but oftentimes complex issues that arise in energy trading and risk management.

Hedge Funds And Operational Risk

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Capital adequacy allocation is not yet a legal requirement for hedge funds, but given the increase in global investigations, the high failure rate and lack of consistent benchmarking standards, the idea of financial reserves and enforced operational risk management are appealing prospects for the hedge fund investment community. Most hedge funds have superficial risk management but very few apply a thorough operational risk methodology. Independent consulting risk manager, Armelle Guizot, presents in-depth classifications of the range of operational and systemic risks and provides the reader with a benchmark to allocate capital reserves to support them. Based on Guizot's operational and market risk experience gained through working with high profile clients such as JP Morgan, Sumitomo Mitsui and Merrill Lynch, the reader will find that this report: covers all the major operational and regulatory risks associated with hedge funds; provides infrastructural risk maps; introduces a simple methodology to calculate capital adequacy; incorporates industry risk management surveys to benchmark against peers; and encourages fund managers to think ahead. This report provides hedge fund managers with a complete set of risk principles and standards to avoid operational risks and potential financial losses. At the same time it proves a valuable resource for those without advanced quantitative knowledge, allowing them to quickly grasp the hidden risks of hedge funds.

The Single Market Programme As A Stimulus To Change

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This 1994 book offers a comparison of British and German industries' reaction to the opportunities and threats offered by the single European market (SEM). It outlines the effect that the SEM was expected to have on the two countries and contrasts this with their actual progress based on published data and a detailed study of four industries. While the single European market has had an impact, many measures have had a far weaker effect than expected. The existence of other barriers not tackled by the SEM programme - weakened measures, poor implementation, global business trends and the recent recession - helps dominate the impact of the SEM. Nevertheless the SEM stands out as one of the striking influences on British and German industries for many years. Germany, with its geographical advantage and stronger manufacturing seems better placed to benefit, but the less regulated and often more flexible UK economy may have competitive advantages as the pressures increase.

Chemical Risk Analysis

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This handbook includes the principal methodological tools and data required to comprehend, evaluate and execute analysis of chemical risk in practical working situations.

A unique feature of the book, in addition to the extensive theoretical treatments of the subject, is the multitude of dangerous property tables, a remarkably extensive compilation, providing data on more than 1900 products, organic and inorganic. These tables are supplemented through the text by numerous figures and other tables, helping make this publication both comprehensive and accessible.

An additional feature of this book is the description of numerous experiments conducted in the author's laboratory, designed to test the various hazard test criteria in current use. Full assessments of the results are presented and these compared with the results of other procedures in current use. This feature will provide valuable material for those engaged in research on the subject, as well as the specialist practitioner who, as the author is able to show, cannot always take the results of conventional wisdom and mandatory regulation for granted in ensuring safety.

This book is intended
* for safety specialists in industry who are concerned with the manipulation of chemical products
* for process chemists and safety chemists who need to evaluate chemical hazards in chemical plant
* for workers involved with the development of analytical procedures in industrial laboratories and in university research departments.
* as an essential reference work, trainers and chemistry lecturers who wish to incorporate the subject of chemical risk in their teaching.

ú Numerous tables containing information on more than 1900 chemicals, organic and inorganic
ú Updating supplement by leading industry specialist on latest EC regulations regarding hazardous chemicals


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