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A Fairy Went-a-marketing

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At a market, a fairy purchases riches found in nature. Then releases them for their own good or the good of others. A different season plays out with each stanza of Fyleman's verse. Visually exquisite, this is a story to be savored by both parents and children, and is a great book to be shared in preschool story time. 

"The artist has created a fairy-world of beauty with animals, plants, reptiles and small details making each double-page spread a breathtaking scene. . . luminous." -Publishers Weekly

"What makes this picture book exceptional are the exquisite illustrations." -School Library Journal

The Swiss Equity Market

RRP $277.99

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This book will familiarize the interested investor with Swiss equity shares at a time when they are becoming an attractive investment. It provides a short historical perspective and shows how trends detrimental to the equity market were broken in the mid-1970s and early 1980s. The performance of the Swiss equity market over time is revealed and the main determinants of share price cycles are investigated. A brief description of the history, organization, and significance of all Swiss stock exchanges is provided. The book also provides all the information a dealer requires concerning procedures and costs, trading hours, and types of transactions, as well as quotation lists and samples of individual billings. It describes how to deal at a Swiss stock exchange and how to list a share there. Foreign investors are instructed as to how to deal with their tax situation, legal restrictions upon the transfer of shares, and the implications of Swiss banking secrecy. Swiss corporate finance reporting and accounting practices are explained and interpreted. An Appendix provides an analysis of the shares of leading Swiss companies.

Content Marketing In A Week

RRP $19.99

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You are just seven steps away from mastering content marketing

Content Marketing In A Week is a simple and straightforward guide to getting content marketing right, giving you everything you really need to know in just seven short chapters. From formats, presentation techniques and buyer personas, to managing your editorial calendar, creating and promoting sharable content

Content marketing just got easier

Content marketing is one of today's growing marketing trends following fast on the heels of social media. It is marketing through creating and sharing content that potential customers find relevant, useful and valuable in order to attract, engage, convert and retain them. It's a strategy that requires careful thought, clear objectives and goals, and a deep understanding of your audience. It requires you to reach out to them with well-planned and well-produced content - in all forms and formats, offline as well as online.

In this book we take a joined-up look at content marketing, the key principles that underpin it, and what it takes to put it into practice in a consistent and fully formed way. And we provide a practical framework for planning it and executing it successfully - whatever the size of your business or your marketing team. Adopting a content marketing approach is certainly not a short term, quick win tactic. But the chances are it could make a big difference to the effectiveness of your marketing.

- Sunday: Adopt a content marketing mindset
- Monday: Understand the different types of content
- Tuesday: Develop your content marketing strategy
- Wednesday: Get started with content planning
- Thursday: Create compelling content
- Friday: Get ready to share
- Saturday: Learn how to measure success

About the Author

Jane Heaton is a marketing consultant, content specialist and writer who helps people master the principles and practice of marketing and communications, from strategy to execution. A member of the CIM and a Chartered Marketer, Jane developed her business and marketing expertise in a small ad agency, in regional newspaper publishing and for brands such as Shell and Cable & Wireless - through hands-on experience and setting up and leading marketing teams. She started Jane Heaton Associates in 2000 to give businesses of all sizes access to expert marketing advice and skills - easily and cost effectively.

As marketing becomes more complex, Jane believes marketers must be able to confidently apply the essential core principles of marketing and think in a joined-up way in order to manage the growing choice of tools and tactics and deploy them successfully. Today she uses her wide ranging experience and a blend of consultancy, mentoring, training, and coaching to enable individuals and teams to create well-written, well-produced content as part of a clear, focused marketing strategy.

Son Of A Sharecropper

RRP $27.50

Markets Of English

RRP $287.99

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The global spread of English raises a number of challenges for sociolinguistic theorizing as well as for language policy. As the language enters new environments and communities and takes on new forms, questions arise as to the ideological bases on which English is seen as constituting valuable linguistic capital. What does it mean when we say English has value, and how does English come to have such value in the first place? How does the value accorded to English affect the possibility of speakers of other languages claiming it as their own? What are the implications for speakers'¬" identities and cultures? How can such questions be rigorously investigated, and what are the lessons that might be drawn for language policy? In this book, the authors approach these questions by adopting Bourdieu'¬"s concept of the linguistic market. The book demonstrates how a market-theoretic perspective on global English provides a conceptual framework for highlighting critical issues, such as the multiplicity in the way linguistic capital is valued; the mechanism by which the value of linguistic capital is negotiated as speakers move across geographical and social space; and why language becomes a crucial resource in the reproduction of the neoliberal view of identity and personhood. By linking Bourdieu'¬"s economically-oriented social theory with insights from sociolinguistic and applied linguistic research, the book outlines a new perspective on English that is both sensitive to the political economic conditions of globalization and grounded on speakers'¬" local appropriation of the language.


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