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Technology And Markets For Knowledge

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This book provides a unique set of empirical and theoretical analyses on the conditions, determinants and effects of the exchange and trade of technological knowledge. This work delivered by the research team lead by Bernard Guilhon shows that technological knowledge is more and more traded and exchanged in the market place. When and where contractual interactions are implemented by an institutional set-up which makes_the exchange better reliable for both parties. The new evidence provided by the book moreover makes it possible to appreciate the positive role of major knowledge rent externalities provided by the new quasi-markets for technological knowledge. Trade in technological knowledge leads in fact, as the book shows, to higher levels of division of labor, specialization and efficiency in the production and distribution of new technological knowledge. This dynamics is considered a part of a broader process where the generation of technological knowledge is itself becoming closer to the production of goods so that the division of labour among learning organization plays a growing role. Exchange of technological knowledge takes part because the conditions for appropriability are now far better that currently assumed by a large traditional literature. The analysis carried out through the book builds upon the notion of localized technological knowledge and suggests that the exchange of technological knowledge is not a spontaneous 'atmospheric' process.

Financial Markets

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Create value while you manage risk
Today's increasingly volatile financial markets have caused an explosion of new financial instruments designed to transfer risk--from collateralized mortgage-backed securities to swaptions that trade directly between financial actors. And now these complex financial instruments have become standard operating procedure at most large and mid-sized businesses. Managers overseeing any substantial business, financial or non-financial, must thoroughly understand these financial instruments and their value in hedging and diversifying to succeed.

With this unique casebook, you'll have the opportunity to gain the analytical, institutional, and functional knowledge you need to use these instruments to solve new problems. Featuring cases from the authors' MBA and Executive Education level courses at Harvard Business School, the book covers the basics of financial instruments, from terminology to pricing, and the markets in which these instruments trade. Throughout, the emphasis is on how these securities accomplish risk transfer from actors who do not want risk to those who are willing to take it on--for a fee of course.

These cases include:
* Deutsche Bank: Finding Relative Value Trades
* Ticonderoga Capital: Inverse Floating Rate Bonds
* 100-Year Liabilities at Prudential Insurance
* Swedish Lottery Bonds
* The Enron Odyssey: The Special Purpose of SPEs
* Building Hedge Funds at Prospero Capital
* Dell Computer Corporation: Share Repurchase Program
* First American Bank: Credit Default Swaps
* Morgan Stanley and TRAC-X: The Battle for the CDS Indexes Market
* and more

Music In The Marketplace

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Much recent economic work on the music industry has been focused on the impact of technology on demand, with predictions being made of digital copyright infringement leading to the demise of the industry. In fact, there have always been profound cyclical swings in music media sales owing to the fact that music always has been, and continues to be, a discretionary purchase.

This entertaining and accessible book offers an analysis of the production and consumption of music from a social economics approach. Locating music within the economic analysis of social behaviour, this books guides the reader through issues relating to production, supply, consumption, and trends, wider considerations such as the international trade in music, and in particular through divisions of age, race and gender.

Providing an engaging overview of this fascinating topic, this book will be of interest and relevance to students and scholars of cultural economics, management, musicology, cultural studies, and those with an interest in the music industry more generally.

I'd Trade My Husband For A Housekeeper

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Best-selling authors Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile brought sweet relief to moms with their first book, I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids.

Here they return with a frank, yet encouraging look at marriage post-tots.

They set out to discover if parenthood has to be incompatible with conjugal bliss and if so, how to change that. To find out, they spoke to hundreds of mothers (and quite a few fathers). I'd Trade My Husband for a Housekeeper examines the challenges of modern parenthood for married couples today and it extends a loving hand so that mothers can step out of the madness, make the most of what they have, and learn to love their marriages as much as they love their husbands and kids.

You need this book if:

  • You spend more time with Mr Potato Head than your husband
  • You rank sex below clipping your child's fingernails, calling your in-laws, and showering
  • You're psyched when your husband goes on a business trip because you won't have to shave your legs
  • You've fantasised about spraining your ankle just so you can spend some quiet time in the emergency room
  • Your last "date night" was ... when you were dating.
About the Authors

Trisha Ashworth has worked as a broadcast producer for top advertising agencies on accounts such as American Express, Pepsi, and Levi's. She is married with three wonderful children, who continue to leave her humbled and awestruck. She lives in Marin, California.

Amy Nobile has led public relations programs for Visa, Frito-Lay, and Mattel. She lives in Northern California with her husband and two children.

Developing New Food Products For A Changing Marketplace

RRP $236.99

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Far exceeding the dynamic evolution prophesized by the editors of the first edition, food product development outstripped all expectations by incorporating several new phenomena. The demands of aging boomers for food that provides both taste and nutrition, the overwhelming consumer demand for convenience, the rapidly changing landscape of food retailing, and scientific breakthroughs in ingredient, processing, and packaging technology underscore the industrya (TM)s propensity for change in the marketing, packaging, and development arenas. Such drastic change demands an up-to-date review of this expanding field.

Navigate a Changeable Landscape

Driven by the recognition of the interdisciplinary philosophies that underlie this dimensionally volatile landscape, the editors and contributors of Developing New Food Products for a Changing Marketplace hardwire their vision of holistic food product developmentin their breakthroughsecond edition. World class authorities, seven of whom are Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Fellows, present the economic, functional, and novel reasons for developing new products. They go on to discuss formulation, sensory and consumer testing, package design, commercial production and, ultimately, product launch and marketing.

Meet the Demands of a Consumer Driven Market

Continuing to offer the up-to-the-minute information that made the widely adopted first edition so popular, the second edition introduces new concepts in staffing, identifying and measuring consumer desires, engineering scale-up from the kitchen, lab, or pilot plant; and generating product concepts. Applying insights from real life experience, contributors further probe the retail environment. They cover optimization, sensory analysis, package design, and the increasingly important role of the research chef or culinologista" in providing the basic recipe.


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