Today, as unwanted as they might seem, unforeseen circumstances are an inevitable part of our lives. And whether you’re an individual or business, you’re not exempted from the possibility of its occurrence.

At Marketmasters, we recognise this considerable risk and proffer practical recommendations that allow you to minimise your exposure in the event of their occurrence.

We recognise that the safety of your asset is a massive part of your continued peace of mind as an individual. We also understand that insurance is an enormous part of every successful business. And as such, we ensure that our clients can boast of the very best insurance strategy and plan for their valuable assets.

We combine our financial know-how and expertise in the market to ensure that our clients get the perfect fit. We provide a detailed analysis of why insurance is necessary, the cost of acquiring one, and the best way to go about it.

Our insurance services span across the following areas


Getting paid when that unforeseen circumstances occur is the whole purpose of an insurance plan. And this process involves claiming your compensation. At Marketmasters, we not only manage your insurance portfolio, but we also help you realise your claims.

We then monitor the process on your behalf and ensure that the insurance company appoints the assessors as at when due. We then coordinate the process by acting as an intermediary between you and your insurer.

At Marketmasters, we ensure that there’s no hassle in a bid to claim your compensation.

Construction Insurance

Constructing a new building or facility is a great thing. However, it comes with quite some risk. At Marketmasters, we recognise your risk exposure and ensure that you can stay financially safe and insured throughout the process.

We offer quality service that makes your experience through this complex insurance system straightforward. We are well versed to ensure you’re safe from liability. We also ensure that you’re protected regardless of whatever construction activities you undertake.

At Marketmasters, we ensure that you get protection for each construction component.

Home Insurance

Protecting your home is at the core of your heart. This is thanks to the special place it holds in your everyday life. At Marketmasters, we recognise the need to guarantee your financial safety in case of damage to your home.

We offer exceptional and comprehensive service so that you stay financially secure regardless of the event. So, whether it’s a major disaster or individual contents within your home, we provide insurance options.

Even more, we provide insurance options that allow you to protect your home’s assets even when they are with you on a trip. At Marketmasters, we guarantee value for money when it comes to insuring your home and its contents.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Importation and exportation is a necessary activity for most business. Again, it’s laden with various risks and uncertainty. And this is regardless of whether you’re the transport operator or owner of the goods.

At Marketmasters, we understand this unique position that you might find yourself. As such, we provide a wide range of options to keep you financially secure in case of damage during transportation.

Our offering cut across all means of transportation such as rail, sea air, and road. This way, we ensure you stay protected always.

Trade Insurance

As a small scale business, we understand the plethora of challenges that you face to stay afloat. Even more, we know having to pay compensations is a cost you would rather avoid.

At Marketmasters, we provide a wide range of insurance options that ensures you can stay financially safe in cases of negligence by your employees or injury to third parties.

We also help you insure your tools, so you can trade while rest assured that your assets are protected.

Public Liability Insurance

In recent years, Australia has seen an enormous increase in the number of public litigation. And your business is not exempted from the possibility of future civil litigation. At Marketmasters, we understand this risk and ensure that regardless of the circumstances, you can protect yourself from public liability.

So, whether it’s a small incident or a major one, we ensure you can avoid the enormous cost associated with public liability. And as such, keep your business afloat.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Today, workers compensation insurance is a must-have for every business in Australia. However, this legislative requirement sometimes requires you also to cover your contractors under your insurance policy.

At Marketmasters, we provide you with holistic and comprehensive advice on creating employee compensation policy. We ensure you can correctly and effectively secure your workers and contractors. This way, you can avoid regulatory issues and focus on your business growth.

In case you need further information on our service offering for your insurance needs, you can contact us through any of the means below.

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