Self-Managed Super Funds

We all understand that it’s almost impossible to stay employed for life, especially if you aren’t self-employed. As such, you require an effective superannuation strategy that allows you to cater for yourself financially upon retirement.

However, creating one can be quite challenging, especially without technical know-how. More so, you need to take personal responsibility for your investment and its legal requirements. Luckily for you, we fit in perfectly into that need.

At Marketmasters, we provide a comprehensive and practical service that helps you through this tricky process. We provide the necessary information in a simplified and accessible manner. As such, we rid you of all the jargon, red tape, confusion, and stress. We then enable you to manage your funds with full confidence.

We provide a team of professionals with extensive training and knowledge about investment in Australia. And then, they provide personalised help that enables you to stay ahead financially.

Our SMSF offering cut across the following spheres.


We understand that there’s an increasing body of rules for the effective administration of your SMSF. However, we realise that it takes technical know-how to interpret these rules and apply them to the establishment and running of your SMSF.

At Marketmasters, we provide a team of professionals that simplify the compliance rules and steer you through complying with these obligations. We can also administer it for you. This way, you can meet up with your payment obligations, administrative requirements, and tax reporting amount others.

Our services under this category include:

  • Drafting important minutes
  • Trust and fund establishment
  • Administration services
  • Documenting investment techniques
  • Account preparation
  • Account reporting
  • Financial statements
  • Tax compliance & return lodgement


We understand that there is an increase in the audit requirement required for the administration of SMSFs. However, we also understand that it takes specialised skills and knowledge to discharge this obligation.

At Marketmasters, we provide a team of Professionals – auditors – that discharge these obligations on your behalf. Our team consists of registered practitioners with expertise in SMSFs audits within Sydney, NSW, and Australia at large.

As such, they are well aware of every development and ensure you comply with every audit legislation and regulations. They provide qualitative, effective, affordable, and timely auditing services for your SMSF need.


We understand that the success or failure of your SMSF depends mainly on the effectiveness and quality of your plans. However, we also understand that not just anybody can provide an effective strategy that satisfies your SMSF needs.

At Marketmasters, thanks to our extensive understanding of the regularity framework, we provide effective and efficient strategies that fit into your retirement plans. We also communicate them to you in a manner that you can easily understand.

We also incorporate it into your financial plan. This way, you can protect your wealth and effectively utilise your retirement pay.

In case you need further information on our service offering for managing and administering self-managed super funds, you can contact us through any of the means below.

Rest assured, we’ll get back to you in record time.